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Is this a new survey?


This survey has been shared annually by Queerspace at the Midsumma and Chill Out Festivals and has mostly moved online since 2021. This year the survey forms part of a wider project called LGBTIQA+ Health and Wellbeing Project, which is funded by the Victorian Department of Health.

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Are my responses private?


Your survey responses are anonymous. We do not know who you are.

There will be no information in any of the reports from the survey that identifies who you are, nor anyone in your community.

The survey data is being collected by the Centre for Family Research and Evaluation (CFRE), Drummond Street. The results, including general patterns and differences across all participants, will be reported to the Victorian Department of Health. This is for the purpose of improving service-provision for LGBTIQA+ people and your communities. At all stages, your participation will remain confidential.

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Are there possible risks?


Some questions include descriptions of family violence, some questions ask about whether you have experienced discrimination, and some questions will ask you to reflect on your mental health during COVID-19 and more generally.

If you are feeling discomfort whilst completing the survey, please take a break, skip difficult questions, or end your participation altogether. You will be able to return to the survey later if you wish.

You can also use the ‘Quick Exit’ button at the top right of the screen.

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Can I contact support?


If any of the questions raise anything difficult for you, please reach out to a trusted friend or service that you are connected to.

If you would like information about finding support, please:

If any of these questions bring up any issues for you after hours, you can also contact:

  • Lifeline on 13 11 14, or
  • Switchboard where you can speak to a peer LGBTIQ+ phone worker 3pm- Midnight every day on 1800 184 527.

These details are also provided within the survey.

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Are there benefits to the survey?


Your responses will help us develop a better understanding of the health and wellbeing of participants, as well as the diverse needs of people from LGBTIQA+ communities. This knowledge will inform health services, government, and other organisations to better support people from LGBTIQA+ communities.

Throughout the survey, you will also be provided with opportunities to connect with services should you wish.

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Is this project conducted under ethical research guidelines?


This survey has been approved by the Victorian Department of Health and Department of Families, Fairness and Housing, Human Research Ethics Committee (HREC). If you have any complaints or concerns about the project, you may contact the DFFH HREC. Contact details are provided in the Participant Information Sheet [Survey Participant Information Sheet].

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Where can I find out more?

If you require any further information or have any queries, please contact the lead investigator.

Dr Polly Bennett

Centre for Family Research and Evaluation

Drummond Street Services

Ph: 03 9663 6733

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I want to do the survey!

Participate Now

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Download Participant Information (.doc):

You can save this further information about the project, ethics approval, what we are asking of you, and contact details for support or further information.

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