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Queerspace is not a crisis response service. For crisis responses phone:
  • 000 Victoria Police for immediate safety
  • 1800 RESPECT family violence and sexual assault 24-hour telephone support
  • 1800 015 188 Safe Steps Victoria available 24 hours for crisis support for women
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This program is closed for intake of new mentees. Please contact queerspace for details of our other current services.

We are still inducting new mentors! If you are interested in becoming a mentor, check out the below information.

What is mentoring?

Drummond Street Services and queerspace’s Mentoring Project aims to build resilience and mental health for LGBTIQA+ people, by providing support with skills, identity and community.

Mentoring is about bringing peers together, whether someone is wanting support with coming out, staying discreet, transitioning, navigating relationships with family and other loved ones, moving to Melbourne or just finding themselves and a place in community.

Mentoring is for family members too, who are wanting to understand how to support someone in their life that is LGBTIQA+.  For example, your child comes out and you want to learn more about their identity to support them.

People of any ages, disabilities, races, religions, sexualities, genders, cultural identities, and classes can mentor or be mentored.

This service is free and runs online, via phone, or in-person following COVID-19 safety processes.

I’m interested in becoming a mentor…

If you would like to BE A MENTOR (firstly, thank you), please click here to read the position description (PD) and complete this form. Someone from the mentoring team will then be in contact to let you know the next steps.

We require all mentors to attend a short introductory session.

Accessibility information

Click here to see accessibility information.

Have questions?

If you have questions about the LGBTIQA+ Mentoring Project, please contact Drummond Street Services / queerspace via phone on (03) 9663 6733 or email to MentoringProjects@ds.org.au.