queerspace counselling

queerspace provides a non-judgemental, queer affirmative counselling service. queerspace staff come from one or more of the LGBTIQ+ communities ourselves so we understand first-hand the importance of chosen family, supportive communities and building resilience.

We understand asking for help can cause anxiety, especially if it is the first time you or your family have used a counselling or support service.  queerspace uses a ‘person centered’ and strength focused approach to counselling and case management and we are guided by our clients needs.

Our staff

queerspace clients come from all sections of the LGBTIQ+ communities. queerspace counsellors can work with children, young people as well as adults and families and our clients range from children as young as five to people in their eighties. We also specialize in working with trans and gender diverse or gender questioning young people and their families,  LGBTIQ+ people planning to have children; families who are separating, re-uniting or reforming; on issues of intimate partner and family violence, alcohol and other drug use, mental health specific support and tailored group-work.

queerspace counsellors are skilled in relationship work including:

  • intimate partnerships, couples or polyamorous relationships (with or without children)
  • parenting or co-parenting relationships
  • caring relationships

Supporting our clients

queerspace understands the difficulties of coming out to families and know sometimes it might feel overwhelming.  Our staff can support you with the process of coming out, inviting others into your story and explore related issues as they arise.

queerspace takes a whole of family approach in our work where possible. While some people have positive and enriching experiences coming out, queerspace staff understand strain and estrangement in families is common for people in LGBTIQ+ communities. queerspace are here to support healthy family relationships, as well as individuals processing grief around relationship loss or other life challenges which impact them.

Other things queerspace counsellors can support you with include:

  • anxiety and depression,
  • sexuality and gender questioning
  • difficulties at work or in school or university
  • trauma relating to experience of current or past violence such as intimate partner violence, family violence, sexual violence and lateral violence (e.g. violence against LGBTIQ+ people by other LGBTIQ+ people)
  • Bullying
  • Families separation, family re-unification, and family or intimate relationships
  • LGBTIQ+ family planning
  • school and workplace bullying issues


queerspace provides low or no-cost confidential counselling services to support LGBTIQ+ communities and their families.

If you would like to access counselling, please express interest by filling in the form.

Please note: Please note this form is NOT for referrers. If you are wanting to make a referral for a client please call (03) 9663 6733. We do not provide the following services: Psychiatrists (can’t provide referrals), Legal Advice (we will refer you to Family Law Courts or Legal Aid), Mediation, Diagnostic assessments & Court Reports. Only provide your email if you consent to us emailing you. You WILL receive an auto receipt to this email address when you complete this form.

Please allow up to seven business days for our Intake team to get back to you for an Intake session, and note that we do have waiting lists for services.

If you are in crisis and in need of urgent support please call Lifeline on 13 11 14 or 000

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