Our Programs

queerspace offers a range of programs for LGBTIQ+ communities and their families. Our programs are designed, developed and delivered through a queer lens by people from LGBTIQ+ communities who understand the issues queer communities face.

queerspace works in partnership with a wide range of mental health and well-being services, health care providers (including hospitals), early childhood education, primary and secondary school staff, social workers, youth workers, community sector staff, as well as local government staff across child and families, youth and aged care.

LGBTIQ+ people with disabilities

Accessibility & inclusion is more than just a checklist. How can all of us do better at advocating alongside, & practicing allyship with, LGBTIQ+ people with disabilities? This unique training is delivered by trainers with lived experience of being both LGBTIQA+ and having disabilities. Utilising their lived experience and knowledge of both the LGBTIQ+ and disability sectors they provide insights and skills into how to create accessible & inclusive services.


The (in)visible project is a community driven program that connects queer and trans people from diverse cultural and religious backgrounds (QTPOC) aged 16-25 through workshops and events.

The (in)visible crew is made up of QTPOC, who are experts on how well being is articulated and responded to in community. We lead the project in acknowledgement that all too often our service system silos our social realities (be these queer, faith or multicultural).

Queerspace Youth

Queerspace Youth is a peer-led program for Queer, Trans, Intersex, Gender Diverse or questioning people aged 16-25 years old.

Counselling and Mental Health Support

queerspace provides a non-judgemental, queer affirmative counselling service. queerspace staff come from one or more of the LGBTIQ+ communities ourselves so we understand first-hand the importance of chosen family, supportive communities and building resilience.

Polaris Mentoring Project

Polaris is a project aiming to build resilience and mental health for LGBTIQA+ people wanting support with coming out, staying discrete, transitioning, moving to Melbourne or just being queer and needing access to community


iHeal queerspace provides support and services to survivors of intimate partner and family violence who are no longer in crisis.

The Village

The Village is a 7-week program for parents of gender diverse and gender non-conforming children. This program is for parents who wish to share and talk through experiences and anxieties they may be feeling.

Futures Free From Violence

Futures Free from Violence is a program providing therapy, case management and referrals for queer, bisexual, lesbian, trans women and gender diverse people who have used violence in a relationship.


WithRespect is a new specialist LGBTIQ+ family violence initiative funded by the Victorian government in 2017. This program is for:

  • LGBTIQ+ people who are, may be, or at risk of experiencing family violence or intimate partner violence and;
  • LGBTIQ+ people who are, think they may be, or at risk of using violence against a family member/s or partner.

LGBTIQA+ Carers Group

This Carer Group is for LGBTIQA+ people who provide unpaid care and support to others.