Queerspace Youth

Queerspace Youth

Queerspace Youth is a peer-led program for Queer, Trans, Intersex, Gender Diverse or questioning people aged 16-25 years old.

We run monthly support groups and regular events including mental health and sexual health workshops, movie nights, art and music workshops as well as skill and capacity building activities where you can hang out and make new friends and build community.

We also have mental health support workers at each event and can also assist you with referrals to Queer-identified counselling and support services run through Queerspace.

queerspace youth welcomes young people of all genders and sexualities . We encourage young people to come together and share knowledge about self-care, wellbeing and how to create and contribute to resilient and healthy communities.


(in)visible connects young queer and trans people aged 16-25 years old from diverse cultural and religious backgrounds through community workshops and events.

It is a project by and for young queer and transgender people of color (QTIPOC). (in)visible recognizes that for such young people, their wellbeing is explicitly intersectional. This means a young person’s wellbeing encompasses the position as member of a religious, cultural or ethnic diverse community and their gender and/or sexual identity. A project such as (in)visible acknowledges the unique social context of QTIPOC and how this can result in some feeling they are not accepted in more one or multiple communities.

For more information on queerspace youth events visit thedrum.ds.org.au or email us on enquiries@ds.org.au or reach out on our facebook page.