Workplace Professional Development

Here at queerspace we offer training on an extensive range of professional development topics relevant to working with the LGBTIQ+ / queer communities and their families.

We offer professional development at your workplace and, to ensure inclusive practice and workplaces, recommend that staff from across your organisation, from intake, reception, clinicians, program coordinators and executive leadership, attend.  In a school setting we recommend classroom staff, year-level coordinators, wellbeing staff and health & physical education teachers as well as reception and administration staff attend.

Our queerspace clinicians and staff have expertise in working with mental health and wellbeing services, health care providers including hospitals, primary and secondary school staff, pre-service training for social workers, youth workers and other community sector staff as well as to local government staff across child and families, youth and aged care. Our family violence training is suitable for anyone working in the FV or Intimate Partner Violence sectors or who has professional contact with LGBTIQ+ people and their families across any community or health sector.

queerspace training offers you more than a basic introduction to a topic. We bring our clinical expertise and lived experiences to each session, as well as an understanding of the systemic barriers and emerging opportunities queer people and their families experience.  We use a range of engaging activities and current research to provide training that is relevant, practical and progressive.

Over two, three or more hours we can cover a range of topics and are able to tailor our delivery to your organisation’s aim as well as the learning and accessibility needs of participants.

We offer evidence-based training on a range of topics informed by our clinical practice and lived expertise including but not limited to:

  • Working with families with trans and gender diverse children and young people
  • Queer Feminist Practice in LGBTIQ+ Family Violence and Intimate Partner Violence
  • Managing Risk with LGBTIQ+ Clients
  • AOD in the queer community
  • Advocacy with your queer clients
  • Introducing Rainbow Families
  • Supporting LGBTIQ+ and gender diverse students in education settings (primary and secondary)

Workplace Professional development can be tailored to your workforce development needs. Complete our online request form and our Queerspace training and consultancy services coordinator will contact you within three working days to discuss your request further.


Please contact us for more information about services and costs: