The Village

This program has moved online. To be a part of the next group contact 96636733 or email

What is it?

The Village is a 7-week program for parents of gender diverse and gender non-conforming children. This program is for parents who wish to share and talk through experiences and anxieties they may be feeling. The group discusses various topics each week facilitated by a queerspace host and a queerspace counsellor.

Who is it for?

The Village is for parents of gender diverse and gender questioning young people to learn together and provide a safe space for exploring concerns and questions. This is not a space for young people.

What does it look like?

The Village is structured around themes including anxiety, navigating educational settings, family dynamics and relationships. These interactive sessions are facilitated so that participants are enabled to ask questions, discuss concerns and hear eachother’s experiences. These vary from understanding gender, navigating family relationships and advocating for your gender diverse child in education settings. The sessions enables parents to tell their stories (if they wish) and feel heard.

When and where?

Due to overwhelming demand, our program has garnered immense popularity, resulting in a waitlist of approximately 6 months. We’re actively taking steps to expedite this timeline and bring our services to you sooner. To join the waitlist, simply email us at with your name, email and mobile number as well as the name, email and mobile number of the co carer/ co parent you may want to join the group with.

We encourage you to add your name to the waitlist, demonstrating your interest and support. Rest assured, we are actively pursuing additional funding to enhance and expand the program for everyone’s benefit.


At the point of registration, our team will discuss the fee structure with you. The fee is based on capacity to pay.


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Please use the intake form to request an interpreter if you require one.

How do I register?

Please send an email to