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Futures Free from Violence

What is it?

Futures Free from Violence is a program which offers participants who have used force and/or violence in family and intimate partner relationships the opportunity to work towards change in both a supported group and one-to-one therapeutic environment.

We aim to facilitate understanding of participants experiences, actions and thinking in a judgement-free environment, which considers how beliefs are shaped by our experiences and values.

Who is it for?

Futures Free from Violence works with women, trans, and gender diverse people who have used force and/or violence in family and intimate partner relationships.

Futures Free From Violence offers support to those who have been harmed, including children, where appropriate and when consented to.

What does it look like?

Futures Free From Violence offers:

  • Groups for lesbian, bisexual, queer women, and trans and gender diverse people
  • Groups for heterosexual women
  • Participants can choose a program which most aligns with their identity and methods of learning
  • A space to explore and learn alternatives to force which build on participants’ own experiences
  • Processes and tools to help people to make different choices within relationships, to work towards healing, and foster supportive and positive relationships
  • Individual therapeutic and support work
  • Where appropriate and when consented to, support for those, including children, who have been harmed


When and where?

Futures Free from Violence is delivered in the northern and western metropolitan region of Melbourne.

Participants will be required to attend a site in order to participate in the program.




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Please use the intake form to request an interpreter if you require one.

How do I make an appointment?

If this program interests you, please call queerspace on 1800 542 847 to speak to a member of our intake team.