Futures Free from Violence

What is it?

Futures Free from Violence (FFFV) offers women, trans, and gender diverse people who have used force and/or violence in family and intimate partner relationships the opportunity to work towards change in both a supported group and one-to-one therapeutic environment.

We aim to facilitate understanding of participants’ experiences, actions and thinking in a judgement-free environment, which considers how beliefs are shaped by our values and experiences.

Who is it for?

  • People over 18 years old
  • Women and gender-diverse people who have used violence in relationship
  • Vic only, groups running face-to-face; online individual work available

What does it look like?

  • A group to explore and learn alternatives to force which build on participants’ own experiences
  • Processes and tools to help people to make different choices within relationships, to work towards healing, and foster supportive and positive relationships
  • Individual therapeutic and support work
  • Individual support by a specialist family violence parenting practitioner who offers exploration around healthy relationships, attachment, child development and parenting skills

When and where?

Vic only, groups running face-to-face; online individual work available




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Please use the intake form to request an interpreter if you require one.

How do I make an appointment?

If this program interests you, either phone Drummond Street Services on 9663 6733 or email fffv@ds.org.au to speak with an experienced practitioner.

More information about Futures Free from Violence can be found by visiting www.queerspace.org.au or www.ds.org.au