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Policy – Submissions


queerspace regularly advise government, peaks and a range of stakeholder groups regarding policy issues which impact the communities who access queerspace services.

For all policy inquiries please contact us on 96636733 or email us on enquiries@ds.org.au 

Policy Submissions


drummond street services | queerspace recently responded to the ‘What matters to young people in Victoria: Victorian youth strategy discussion paper’

We raised:

  • Youth mental health and wellbeing
  • The need to view and engage with young people in their family and community context
  • To prioritise the needs of children and young people from marginalised communities

Please see here.


LGBTQA+ Communities and Mental Health Caring Relationships Focus Group Consultation Paper to the Royal Commission into Victoria’s Mental Health System drummond street services | queerspace – supported by tandem carers

queerspace welcomed the opportunity to extend our support to the Royal Commission by holding a focus group in partnership with tandem carers to provide a snapshot on the diversity of experiences of LGBTQA+ people in care relationships. This paper aims to increase understanding about their needs and the impacts of poor mental health on individuals and families. We hope it will prompt exploration on issues not currently addressed by carer or consumer targeted initiatives or services for LGBTQA+ populations.


drummond street services submission to the consultation on the Religious Freedom Bills – Second Exposure Drafts

Please see our submission to the second exposure drafts of a package of legislation on religious freedom released by the government for consultation on 10 December 2019:

  • Religious Discrimination Bill 2019
  • Religious Discrimination (Consequential Amendments) Bill 2019
  • Human Rights Legislation Amendment (Freedom of Religion) Bill 2019

drummond street services is deeply concerned about these proposed reforms. In particular we refer to the impact of these reforms on our clients, their families, children, carers and loved ones who we provide support to every day, as well as our own workforce and the broader community.


Response to Productivity Commission Inquiry into Mental Health Draft Report

Please find the drummond street/queerspace response to the Productivity Commission Inquiry into Mental Health – Draft Report here.  drummond street has addressed some key considerations in relation to this report, specifically, we have drawn attention to the social and economic cost benefits of the Commonwealth Early Intervention – Targeted Mental Health Program: Family Mental Health Support Services (FMHSS).

This response includes a brief discussion paper on this program and type of early intervention investment in the context of the Productivity Commission’s draft recommendations.

It is followed by a brief, additional submission containing our other general recommendations regarding the draft report. See more here.


drummond street/queerspace submission to the Victorian Government’s  Royal Commission into Victoria’s Mental Health System.

Below are some of the key recommendations:

  • bind and guide future investment in mental health prevention, early intervention, crisis and recovery services over the immediate and longer terms
  • ensure non-partisan approaches to mental health public policy, funding and service delivery
  • provide the framework and mechanisms to reorient funding intentions, including programming and initiatives across a spectrum of interventions which apply community-based family and children models alongside clinical interventions
  • ensure allocation of new monies to validated, innovative and outcomes-based models, including those responses which support children, young people, families, adults and carers early.

Click here to view the whole submission.


drummond street/queerspace submission to the consultation regarding the Terms of Reference for the Royal Commission into Violence, Abuse, Neglect and Exploitation of People with Disability

Below are some of the key recommendations:

  • That the ToR are worded to establish the task of identifying the level to which incidences of violence, abuse, neglect and exploitation breach the threshold of human rights, duty of care, quality and compliance and other legislated breaches of Criminal Law.
  • That the ToR are worded to establish the task of further examination and review of data collections which can help address knowledge gaps about the extent, prevalence, impact of violence, abuse, neglect and exploitation of people with disability including from a range of marginalised cohorts (CALD, ATSI, LGBTIQ and women.
  • Resource a full evaluation on the legal capabilities and approach to the support of Royal Commission witnesses, families and carers with disabilities.

Click here to view the whole submission.