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drummond street’s queerspace and centre for family research and evaluation are proud to release the data of a survey we held over Midsumma Carnival day in January of 2019. queerspace conducted the survey as part of our Midsumma 2019 activities to help provide us with some insight into the services lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, intersex, queer and non-binary (LGBTIQA+) people are accessing and/or would like to access in their local area. We found some fascinating and also some concerning findings.

We surveyed a total of 819 people and below are just some of the findings . Please see infographics for more data

63% of respondents accessed a mental health service, the most common being mental health related services provided by a GP (56%, n=441), and 49% (n = 402), accessed multiple mental health related services. 20% of respondents were carers (n=165), of which 43% were caring for someone due to a mental health condition, this was the most common category of care. Financial Hardship was common with 25% of total respondents (208) were experiencing financial hardship and most disconcertingly trans and gender diverse people were most likely experiencing financial hardship (29% of TGD people). Of trans and gender diverse people, trans women were experiencing the most financial hardship (59% of trans women).

We hope our survey results will assist us and others to identify emerging gaps in supports, barriers to accessing key services and will help shape our responses to community needs.We would really appreciate it if you could share these survey results widely.