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Archer Magazine Saved From Closure

Like so many community organisations, Archer Magazine faced a tough set of circumstances as Covid-19 pandemic continues deep into its second year.

Archer, an LGBTIQA+ magazine, was founded and run on a shoestring budget by queer journalist and writer Amy Middleton in 2013, along with a small team of LGBTIQA+ community volunteers.

The multi-award-winning magazine sold in 11 countries, and a stalwart in Melbourne’s queer community, is more than just a magazine. Archer has worked to mentor and nurture amateur and established editors, writers and artists from LGBTIQA+ communities, to encourage those who often go unheard, find their voice and share their experiences, and to foster connection across communities. The print and online publication platforms the writing and artwork of marginalised and intersectional LGBTIQA+ people are often left out of the media and broader society.

Archer as a name is bigger than the small machine behind it and is in much need of greater infrastructure to sustain it.  With the impacts of Covid-19, it became untenable, leading Archer to face the tough decision to close the publication due to lack of funds.

Drummond street services, a not-for-profit community service organisation, who play an important role in the lives of diverse communities across Victoria and home to Queerspace, share many aligned values with Archer magazine and have held a strong relationship over the years.

On June 22nd of this year the Drummond Street Services Board of Directors voted to save Archer Magazine with the hope to sustain the publication, expand into areas such as First Nations LGBTIQA+, youth, queers with a disability, and elder forums with additional smaller publications and outreach, as well as build on Archer’s reach, value, and audience with a viable and sustainable business model.

Both Drummond Street Services and Archer Staff are excited to join forces. Whilst retaining Archers’ independence, Drummond Street Service will provide support and assistance in a myriad of ways and will continue to shine a light on the most important voices in our community.

Amy Middleton Said

With the pending doom of closure, it made sense for us to take this step, especially to be supported by an organisation such as Drummond Street who is held in high regard and who holds such similar values to our team and the communities we work with. We see this less an acquisition, more a loving partnership. I am super excited and heartened by the partnership, and so eager to continue to steer Archer into its next chapter.

Karen Field Said

For the Drummond Steet Services Board it was a no-brainer. As the CEO of Drummond Street and Queerspace, I have seen the importance of Archer and the role in plays in LGBTIQA+ communities. Without Archer many voices wouldn’t be heard, and it would be criminal to see that end.

For Comment

email communications@ds.org.au or call 9663 6733 to speak to a representative from either Drummond Street Services or Archer Magazine.