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Transforming Family Connections

Session 1: Making Peace with Parents

Presented by Carol-Ann Allen

For many of us, coming out has meant getting out. We’ve had to leave family behind and find our way to a more welcoming place. The LGBTQI spaces we call “our community” have been made possible by a decades-long mass migration of individuals leaving home in search of home.

If family estrangement is part of your story, or the story of someone you love, don’t miss this special encore talk by Melbourne psychotherapist Carol-Ann Allen about the potential we each have to heal the painful legacy of family disconnection.

Session 2: The They Thing

Presented by queerspace

Family interactions form the first map we have with which to make sense of who we are, and how we can expect to be received by the world. Many times these maps are formed through interactions and dialogues that are corrupted by misinformation, fear, and cis-hetero-centric notions of happiness.

By drawing on community contributions, The They Thing wishes to centre the stories of those whose identity and existence resists and transcends binary notions of gender; stories and experiences that are often lost in dominant queer and trans narratives and campaigns.

Wednesday January 31, Session 1 – 5:30pm, Session 2 – 7:30pm

Queen Victoria Women’s Centre, The Victoria Room

Book separately but we recommend you come to both! FREE, but bookings are essential.